Frequently Asked Questions
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Not to worry, we have a content team who can help you transit and make full use of live streaming. As the only provider with B2C live streaming experience, we know the nuts and bolts of content that works.
If you've tried other free social media live streaming platforms, you probably experienced the lag time and lack of real-time interaction with audiences other than comments and like buttons. BeLive addresses all these concerns to help you monetize and grow your business further. What's more, the live streaming videos are encrypted and you have full ownership of data & analytics.
Yes, BeLive allows you to directly stream with existing social media platforms to gain as much traffic and exposure as possible. However, the interactive features and buttons such as Live Shopping and Live Trivia are only available on your BeLive powered App—to ultimately drive traffic and users to your own app.
BeLive provides all the features you need for live streaming. We fully customisable live streaming service that covers live shopping, live content production, live broadcast technology with no expertise required.
Yes, with a heavily developer focused team of more than 40, our tech support is available anytime to solve your issues. We are determined to make you succeed and become our next case study. Hence, our after sales support is impeccable.